Stone Profile: Madura Gold Granite

(Photo from Nova Source International)


Madura Gold comes from the top level of a bedrock quarry formation near the town of Madurai in the state of Tamil Nadu, India. It is the same Indian quarry where Kashmir White is quarried. The Madura Gold has much warmer colors than the Kashmir White because oxidation changed the whites of the Kashmir White into reds, caramels, and golds. It is also called Golden Oak India, Vyara, Shivakashi Yellow India, and New Colonial Dream.


Madura Gold


There are three main reasons we love Madura Gold and always keep it in stock. First, it is very inexpensive, especially considering its beautiful linear pattern and rich colors. Second, those rich colors! Red, burgundy, orange, salmon, pink, copper, hints of blue and green, translucent quartz, and black veins adding dimension and contrast. There is an infinite palette of colors to draw from in decorating the rest of the room. Third, every time we bring in several slabs of Madura Gold Granite, it looks different than any other version we’ve had. This is exciting because we can keep bringing in this beautiful stone, but no two customers will have the same granite! You may share the warm, Tuscan colors with your neighbor, but it will never look the same. We are fans of crafting our stone for the unique traits of each kitchen, and Madura Gold is a full out celebration of uniqueness of each slab of natural stone.


(Photo from Nova Source International)






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