Design Spotlight: Full Natural Stone Backsplash

Cosmic Black Granite


So, you’ve found your dream countertop…perhaps it’s a wild, exotic granite or perhaps you’re more the quiet, white marble type. Either way, now you have to figure out what to do with the walls. Of course, you have the usual choices of 5″ granite backsplash or coordinated tile, but we’d also like to introduce you to full granite backsplash. When we fabricate full backsplash from natural stone, we cut the piece for the deck (the horizontal counter) and the piece for the backsplash from the same piece of granite, soapstone, or marble so that the pattern continues smoothly across the counter and up the wall. This is called “book-matching” the stone. Book-matching is a great way to play up beautiful lines in your granite, especially if we can line them up on the island as well, so there is a sweeping motion that continues across the entire room, such as in the Typhoon Bordeaux Granite kitchen below.


Typhoon Bordeaux Granite   


Full backsplash is one of those delightful design choices that is both beautiful and practical (don’t you just love when that happens?). No tile means no grout. No exposed wall means no scrubbing grease smudges and repainting. Natural stone is so easy to keep clean. If we haven’t been using food products on the counters, we just clean with water (less is more with natural elements like wood and stone). Grease and and mystery gunk (parents of young kids will understand) will come off easily with a bit of granite cleaner.


Juperana Copper Granite


Full marble backsplash is a great way to get some marble in your kitchen even if you’ve decided that you want something a bit more indestructible on the decks. A simple White Carrara Marble like in the kitchen below (read more about this eclectic update here) provides a fresh contrast to an Absolute Black Granite or  any dark, simple granites. Add a bit of texture-contrast to the color pairing by making either the marble or granite leathered or honed. 


    Soapstone White Carrara Marble kitchen MD DC VA (5)


And you don’t have to worry about seams if you want to use full granite backsplash with a wilder patterned granite. If you choose a high end fabricator, they will be able to line up the pattern in a pleasing way. In the exuberant Rainforest Green Granite below, three pieces of granite meet in the corner, and yet the pattern does not stumble over itself.


Rainforest Green Granite


I’m sure a lot of you will be wondering what the cost is for full backsplash. At Grannies Grannies, full backsplash is less per square foot than the regular counters because 1) we are already making the trip to your home 2) we don’t have to do as much edging and 3) we are already putting the slab into fabrication, so it’s not as time consuming to cut a few extra pieces. Choosing full granite backsplash adds value to the home, takes away the hassle of having to pick out a matching tile, and (last and certainly not least), it looks beautiful.


Typhoon Bordeaux Granite MD DC VA (30)


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