Design Tips: Bright, White Kitchens

A crisp, white kitchen. This timeless kitchen style brightens up dark winters and is a breath of fresh air on hot, summer days. But designing your dream bright, white kitchen is not as easy as it looks. In this post, we’ll give you a few tips on how to pull off a completely unique variation on a classic theme.

1. Create depth with a subtle, complementary color palette. This sunny kitchen could have ended up rather flat if the homeowners had left everything pristine white. Instead, they drew several beautiful pastel colors from the Madre Perola Quartzite Countertops for the walls and backsplash. This adds depth to the room without compromising the overall bright, clean feel.




2. Add interest with strong architectural lines. In the first kitchen, the homeowners were working with an existing architecture. In the kitchen below, our client was building a new home, and was able to plan the lines in the kitchen accordingly. This big, beautiful arch adds character to the kitchen. We shaped the Monte Cristo Granite to mimic the arch. These wide curves add a touch of playfulness to the quiet elegance of the white kitchen.




3. Set off the white with a bold color accent. Adding a daring splash of primary color to a fresh, white space is fun, cost effective, and a great way to change up the decor every now and then without making any large scale changes. This chic homeowner set off the understated Super White Quartzite counters and Calacatta Marble tile with a fun floral window dressing. The gold in the fabric can actually be seen in the marble backsplash, bridging the two materials perfectly.



In this kitchen, glass royal blue accents add vintage charm to an older kitchen, and create contrast that makes the white cabinets and White Carrara Marble counters seem even brighter.



5. Add texture and color by putting your pantry items to work. Why not take advantage of all the money food companies put into making appealing food packaging? In this whimsical historic home, our clients lined up colorful cans, bottles, and cookbooks in an open front cabinet to add a pragmatic splash of color to their cheerful white cabinets and White Carrara Marble backsplash.



6. Use a dark floor as a “stage” for your white on white kitchen design. This elegant home on the water  features a rich hardwood floor  that “sets the stage” for simple, white cabinets and particularly white Super White Quartzite counter.



Did you choose a bright, white design for your kitchen? Have any more tips for our readers? We’d love to hear your unique takes on this kitchen style. Please share it with us in the comments or our on our facebook page.

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  1. Hello! I am thinking about replace the corian on my center island with an alternative to carrera marble . Found your website, I really like the super white quartzite. Could you give me an idea how much it would cost for an island roughly 48″x38″. I live in Germantown. Total price including install and all. Thank you.

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