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I’d like to introduce you to Super White Quartzite, a gorgeous grey and white stone that has has the appearance of an aerial photograph of an icy, arctic ocean. Super White is sometimes also called Fantasy White Quartzite or White Vermont Quartzite. Quartzite has become an increasingly in-demand natural stone in the last two years. Besides it’s unique beauty, quartzite attracts homeowners because it has the look of marble, but is far more durable.



A question our customers frequently ask is, “Is Super White a granite or a marble?” Some of our suppliers list it as a granite and others have it filed under marble. The answer is neither.



In fact, many of the natural stones sold as “granite,” such as our Black Mosaic Gold Granite are not actually “true granite” by geological standards. But don’t worry. Your granite suppliers and fabricators aren’t lying to you! There are so many different geological terms for all these beautiful natural stones, so we put them in the broader “granite” category because they will all act and can be treated like true granite.


Block of uncut and unpolished quartzite (photo by Andrew Alden)


Super White is a Quartzite (not to be confused with man-made “quartz”). It is actually harder than granite. Quartzite is a tough, non-foliated metamorphic rock with a large amount of natural quartz (again, the mineral, not the term used to describe engineered counter materials like Caesarstone or Silestone).


Slab of Super White Quartzite


Quick geology lesson: there are three main categories of rocks in the world: Igneous, Metamorphic, and Sedimentary. Granite is an igneous rock. Marble and Quartzite are metamorphic. However, as mentioned before, quartzite is much harder than marble and often harder than granite. Quartzite changed from sandstone and/or chert into its present state after extreme pressure and heat underground, probably thousands of years ago. That is why  it has that stunning glassy finish. It is often white and grey in coloration (like the Super White).  Fun fact: in the stone age, quartzite was used as a substitute for flint.


Quartzite Quarry via


If you love quartzite, you should definitely take a look at White Macaubas Quartzite.



While quartzite is usually a white/ gray color, it can have other colors in it. Colored quartzite is due to “mineral impurities.” This doesn’t mean the colored quartzites are inferior for countertop use, although some, like Wood Stone Granite, are a little softer than some of the harder quartzites (although still harder than marble).


Wood Stone Granite (it’s usually called granite at most fabricators and suppliers, so we’ll use that term for consistency) is a beautiful example of a quartzite that has been colored by some atypical mineral:


Fusion Granite (again, using “granite” for consistency) is another stunning quartzite with some colorful minerals:


A Slab of Fusion



And lastly, here is a slideshow of Super White Quartzite installed in a beautiful home on the water in Southern Maryland. The house was newly constructed, but designed to look like the historic homes of the area.



And here’s us being cute back when most clients had never heard of quartzite:


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17 responses to “Stone Profile: Super White Quartzite

  1. I LOVE YOUR SITE and I’m seriously considering super white quartzite for kitchen counters: husband wants granite for durability, low-maintenance and just plain practicality, but I love the look of the softer stones! QUESTION: CAN I GET A SLAB LIKE THIS HONED? i love the honed look – let me know! thanks again for such a great site and video 🙂

    1. Thanks Mary! Unless you live near us, I would say try to find local suppliers (as distinct from fabricators like us). They don’t install; they just import and sell slabs to local fabricators who cut and install. They will be able to help you find a lighter leathered / honed stone. I’ve never seen any quartzites honed or leathered, but the leathered look is just starting to pick up more steam so more are available every month. I know that a supplier near us, Marva Marble, can send a slab away to be leathered, but you have to buy it first. Honed White Carrara marble can be a little more durable than standard polish, but it’s still marble. We’ve had trouble in the past finding white leathered stones, but you never know. I say find some suppliers near you and ask them what they can find for you. Or, find a high end fabricator near you who can search for you. Alternatively, if you can’t find a light stone letahered that you like, why not try Super White Polished on the main counters and a black leathered on the island? Or try one on the decks (horizontal counters) and the other on full backsplash….

    1. Hi Susan,
      If you give us a call at the shop (301) 218 7666 we can give you the information needed to visit our suppliers in the Baltimore area to see full slabs of White Fantasy Quartzite.

  2. We are considering having Super White laid on our bathroom floor. Please could you let me know how durable and suitable it would be on the floor. Thanks

    1. Hi Taryn,

      Although we have never installed Super White on a floor, my guess is that it would be just fine! People have been using White Carrara Marble on floors for many years and Super White is much harder than this stone. I’d love to see the finished project! Good luck and happy decorating!

  3. I was told by my supplier in chicago that Super White has some calcium in it and therefore could possibly etch with acids. But I was told that it is much better than marble. Still it won’t perform like a granite or quartzite. Is this true?

    1. I’m pretty sure quartzite does not have calcium. My research into the stone has led me to believe that it is marble that has calcium in it. However, either way Super White is a quartzite, and it’s very unlikely it will etch. The risk is so small that I would absolutely say go ahead with the stone. Just make sure you buy from a reputable place, because there have been in the past slabs being sold super cheap that were from the edges of the deposits and not very high quality.

  4. Hi. I just got a sample of what I was told was Super white granite. I took it home and tested a spot. Lemon juice etched the stone in less than 3 hours. I live in Delaware and have been over to visit the suppliers near Baltimore. I would love to get my hands on a true quartzite super white but I don’t know who to trust. I have been over to visit MSI and they list all super white as marble. Can you direct me to a supplier that carries true super white quartzite?

    1. Hi,
      Suppliers won’t lie to you about what is Super White. MSI is a very reputable supplier. Give us a call at the shop (301-218-7666) and we can tell you where we are buying it right now. We can also check and see if MSI is just filing their super white under marble because that’s how it used to be classified (most suppliers did not differentiate a separate category for quartzite until the last year so). Honestly, I’m not surprised that prolonged exposure to lemon juice on a unsealed sample had such a reaction. First, installed in your home, Super White would be sealed and then you would have been resealing it every 6 months (and if you purchased from us, we would have given you a cleaner that adds a small amount of sealer every time you use it). Lemon juice is probably the most harmful thing you could put on a stone like that. Again, call the shop, ask to stop by and get a bigger, sealed sample of Super White (you can tell them Hannah told you to ask- ask them to seal it in the shop). Then try the lemon juice again. I’m guessing it will still etch, but probably not nearly as quick. Then, you’ll have to consider whether you are willing to take the risk. But, realistically, you should just make sure not to leave acidic things like tomatoes or lemon sitting on the counter for hours at a time, and you’ll be fine.
      Hope this helps,

  5. Hi Hannah I live in Rhode Island and I am unable to find Super white in my area do you ship slabs or do i have to find someone in my area (that I can’t find)

    Thanks, Karen

    1. Hi,
      There’s probably some around you, you just have to go to the right places. I really recommend finding a high end fabricator in your area who will do the searching for you. You might try looking for a company on Other names it goes by: Fantasy White, Vermont White….and sometimes it’s filed under marble or granite. We buy our slabs directly from local suppliers, so you really can’t ship this stuff. But there’s bound to be some in your area….don’t give up!
      Good Luck,

  6. My husband and I just decided on superwhite quartcite but were looking at the “brushed” version — alsmot like raised relief. We’re in Chicago. Any watch-outs for us?

    1. No, I don’t think so. Just make sure you are buying from a reputable place that will be around to make repairs or what not in the off chance something does happen.

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