Stone Profile: Black Mosaic Gold Granite


Black Mosaic Gold Granite (also known as Marinace Granite, Aquarium Granite, and Nero Marinace Granite, and Black Morgan Granite) is a one of a kind Brazilian granite. It is completely natural. It is not man-made at all; it’s just quarried, cut,  and polished. It has black background with thousands of petrified stones in as many colors and shapes.



Black Mosaic Gold Granite is quarried in Brazil. It is actually a conglomerate rock. Conglomerates are sedimentary rocks consisting of individual rounded stones (called “clasts) that have been naturally cemented together by a finer grained material (called a matrix). Conglomerates are a very close relative of breccias, which you can buy as marble counters.


Marinace Granite is a  polymict, cobble conglomerate. That means it has large stones made of a wide variety of different minerals. It’s formation is typical of glacial erosion. Most likely, a glacier tumbled these stones smooth before they were naturally cemented into the black background (the matrix), which is  finely milled rock fragments created into a flowing material by the glacier’s passing.



Black Mosaic Gold Granite is a visually fascinating stone. Each little piece has a different appearance, different colors, and a different shape. This makes for a countertop that is both unique and easy to decorate around. The thousand of colors in the different pieces provide many options for paint and cabinet pairings. 



Black Mosaic Gold is a great in a variation on the classic black and white kitchen. You get the contrast and rich black of the background color, but introduce other color as well via the individual pieces in the Marinace Granite. It also looks gorgeous paired with a leathered Absolute Black Granite (pictured above), with colored cabinets, or with a rich wood tone (also above).


Black Mosaic Gold Granite can also be used to make a statement in the bathroom or to play up a stone and fire element pairing on a fireplace.


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  1. I’m a geologist that would like a polished slab of Black Mosaic Gold “Granite”. How much would a specimen of ~1’X1′ cost?

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